Contemporary Art Daily began in 2008 with the simple goal of publishing at least one international contemporary art exhibition every day. Daily quickly attracted attention from the international art community, publishing high quality documentation from exhibitions ranging from major museums to young commercial galleries.

After two years, we had accumulated an extensive database of more than 650 exhibition venues from across the world. We turned this database into a free public directory called Contemporary Art Venues. Venues continues to grow, with over 1,200 venues listed today.

By late 2011, it was clear that we could expand on these two projects by forming Contemporary Art Group, a non-profit organization. We've been operating as a 501c3 ever since.

Our latest project, Contemporary Art Quarterly, launched in Spring 2015. We release archives of artists' practices that contain primary research material and documentation: images of exhibitions, artists' writings, interviews, performance scores, videos, and more.

We're always laying the groundwork for new projects to further our mission. We hope you will continue to follow and support us.